Gulls of the World


Lesser Black-backed Gull, juvenile//

Gulls of the World, a group on Flickr.

Illustrations for the species factsheets will be picked  from the high-quality pictures from the Gulls of the World-pool at Flickr. Search the pool for pictures of most of the world’s gull species in different plumages.


Nearctic gallery launch

Thayer's Gull by Ryan ShawThe first galleries are finally published. A collection of first class pictures is picked out from the pool “Gulls of the World” at Flickr. The page will include more pictures when the pool expands. Pictures are presented chronologically based on the individuals age. More species will be available soon, and identification comments will be added continously.

If you want to contribute to the Gallery-pages, share your pictures in the Flickr group “Gulls of the World”. The most illustrative shots will be selected for the galleries, and the rest will be available for the globalgullers through a link on each species gallery.

Galleries published today

The kumlieni puzzle

Identification of birds plumaged between Thayer’s and Iceland Gulls has always created debate. Some treat the kumlieni-gulls as a subspecies of Iceland gull, and some mean it is a hybrid between Thayer’s and Iceland Gulls.

North-American based Steve Hampton just published a webpage with a suggested key that can be used to get an indication on what to label individual Thayer’s, kumlien’s and Iceland Gulls in their first winter plumage. The key is based on rating different parts of the birds plumage and bare parts, ending up with a total score which is used for identification. This is the first update, and the author wants comments and feedback to further refine the scales.

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